OK Ikumi
Internet realm for art & music of Karl Jørgensen

Latest project is Form Shift (see above), an audiovisual collaboration with Andrew Taylor Johnson. This was originally streamed during the Salt Lake City Library's 12 Minutes Max event in December 2020. Music from this project is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and many other digital music platforms.

I also had a new track/video Hidden Falls (Tape Version) appear on the Hel Audio Videozine that released in 2020. Check out the whole thing here. The Alpine Sequences tape is also back in stock via Hel Audio as well.

In addition to updating this site, I have been reorganizing my music catalog and adding as much as possible to digital music sites. See the new playlists section for some Spotify playlists featuring my tracks.

More new material coming 2021. Stay tuned to the Hel Audio label as well for info on connected projects of mine.