Here is a mostly complete list of my current machines organized by studio location (minus some utility machines/modules). Will try to keep this list updated and add notes as time goes on.


  • Synthstrom Audible Deluge
  • Midisizer MidiGal (MidiPal clone)
  • Keith McMillen QuNexus

Rack #1

  • Alesis Midiverb II
  • Yamaha FB-01
  • Roland JV-1010
    Late 90s rompler with a huge amount of patches. Bought for $20 in a Target parking lot. Used extensively in UTA Trax live sets & recordings.

Rack #2 (eurorack)
My main reason for getting into the eurorack world was to make an optimal drum machine, so a lot of my modules revolve around that.

  • 2hp 3:1
  • Bastl Little Nerd
  • Bastl Popcorn
  • Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 (x2)
  • Doepfer A-110-1
  • Antumbra Knot (Braids clone)
  • 2hp Rnd
  • 2hp LFO
  • Ladik C-041
  • Doepfer A-103
  • Doepfer A-124
  • Erica Bass Drum
  • Tiptop CYMBL909
  • Erica Clap
  • 2hp Hat
  • 2hp Snare
  • Delptronics LDB-2e & LDB-2x
  • Bastl Skis
  • Bastl Noise
  • Ladik C-030
  • 2hp Verb
  • 2hp Delay

Stand level 1

  • Korg DW-8000
    My first proper synthesizer. Bought from a pawn shop in Spokane. Was used pretty heavily in all my projects, but was put in storage for a while after recording HEL001. Hoping to build this DIY programmer for it in the near future.

Stand level 2

  • Arturia MicroFreak
  • Behringer Neutron
  • Cyclone TT-303 (v1)
    TB-303 clone with some added functionality. Used on pretty much all UTA Trax recordings.

Stand level 3

  • Korg ER-1
    My first drum machine. Used heavily in my early material, but occasionally still in use. Used on HEL016.
  • Boss DS-330
    Under the radar general MIDI device picked up to assist on Alberto productions.
  • Roland TR-626
    My only Roland TR machine. Basically a TR-505 with more sounds, individual outputs, and independent pitch control. Not very highly regarded in general, but I like the sounds. Was the UTA Trax backbone in the Rally 626 era.

Stand level 4

  • Boss DR-55
    My oldest machine. A very simple & limited drum machine, but the sounds are excellent and can be very inspiring in the right setting. Used on HEL025 (also used in most Blade performances).
  • Boss DR-110
    The budget TR-606. Sound-wise I actually prefer it to the 606, but it definitely has limitations. Used on HEL025.
  • Korg Volca Series (Beats, Keys, Bass, Kick)
    Really love the Volca series. Beats, Keys, & Bass were used heavily on HEL008, HEL010, and HEL025 especially, but have found their way on various recordings over the years.
  • Bastl microGranny 2
    Really cool lofi granular synth/sampler that I definitely need to use more. Can be heard on Touching & Moving remix.
  • Korg Monotribe


    • Korg Monotron Delay
    • Korg NTS-1
    • Korg SQ-1
    • Tascam DR-05
      Portable digital recorder that has recorded many live sets, casual jams, and field recordings. All of HEL022 was recorded on this.
    • Casio MT-68
      This was my melodic workhorse for many years. The last recording I used it was used on was (I believe) 10/13. Not a lot of tone control, but the sounds are very neutral and warm.
    • Yamaha PSS-560
      The Portasound was the first "synth" I owned that had sound editing capabilities. It's a very simple FM synth that can actually make some interesting sounds (with the limited editor section).
    • Yamaha MT4X
      Solid tape 4-track with a helpful visual interface. Used on HEL008 & 10/13.
    • Nanoloop 2.3
      Music generator for Game Boy Advance. Used on Nano & 12/10.
    • MTV Music Generator
      AKA Music 2000. Music creation tool for PlayStation.
    • MAGIX Music Maker (Deluxe Edition)
      Music creation tool for PlayStation 2.
    • Dreamcast Sequencer
      Music creation tool for Dreamcast.
    • Korg DS-10
      Korg MS digital remake for the DS. Used on 12/10 & HEL002.
    • Teenage Engineering PO-12
    • Korg DDD-1
    • Memorex micro cassette recorder
      Used this for some lofi sounds in the Weekly Beats era. Also heard on Touching & Moving remix.
    • Panasonic VSC RR-830
      Tape transcription machine with speed control. Used on HEL005.